‘This Is a Coup’: Protests Engulf Wisconsin Capitol as Outgoing Scott Walker and GOP Move to Cripple Democratic Power

‘This Is a Coup’: Protests Engulf Wisconsin Capitol as Outgoing Scott Walker and GOP Move to Cripple Democratic Power

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  2. > “You rig the system when you win and you rig the system when you lose,” Wisconsin Democratic state Rep. Chris Taylor said of the Republican legislation. **”How is it that you have more power when you lose?”**

  3. We really need to change our after-election timeline. Newly elected officials should be sworn in within days, not weeks. The way things are now, lame duck politicians have way too much time to pull this type of crybaby “waaaahhh, I lost!” bullshit.

  4. Stop voting for any Republicans… it’s worked on the West Coast

    There are still major challenges but at least they can be worked on pragmatically without the GOP undermining everything

  5. Yeah, it is a coup. Fucking abhorrent.

    The Republicans are a malicious, vile and dangerous party. Being proud to compromise with these scumbags is stupid and dangerous. The party needs to be brought down and removed from power. Everywhere.

  6. Democrats in this position, trying to argue laws and principles: “This is an illegal restraint of the powers of the governor, and a flagrant disregard for the will of the voters!”

    Republicans in the same position, knowing tribalism works: “Bunch of sore losers who can’t admit they lost. Womp womp.”

  7. Even if Republicans are ashamed of what’s going on, even if everything done is irreputable to all semblance of morality, Republican politicians will do anything to stay in power and keep those who are a challenge to them suppressed. There’s one thing to be ignorant to the problems that is being caused by their actions, there’s another thing to purposefully cause the harms to obtain power and money. This by definition is called evil. Pure and simple. So much harm for a piece of paper, now just numbers on a bank screen. Your life means less than a few bits on a computer.

  8. As long as we continue to allow bald-faced anti-democratic initiatives like gerrymandering to proliferate, the only message we send American citizens (and the rest of the world) is that our government can be undermined and the people’s voice can be extinguished. For every Scott Walker and Mitch McConnell, there are dozens of conservatives working tirelessly to dig the grave of our democracy. This has been a slow-moving coup rearing its head from time to time. We should have quashed it after *Citizens United*, but it’s proven too deeply embedded already.

  9. Lame duck sessions need to go. From the day the votes are cast and winners are declared those winners should immediately take office and the transition should being immediately. Any new laws, rules, or regulations should be determined by the incoming party.

  10. I was a Republican in the military and for about 8 years after. Until I started thinking for myself. Now I despise them. I consider myself independent, not a Democrat, but I can’t imagine a circumstance that would have me voting for a Republican. The whole party is rotten.

  11. theyre doing bunch of bullshit here in Michigan too. although not to the same extent. a few months ago they saw a ballot measures going for minimum wage and some other things so they hastily wrote laws about it so that the ballot measure couldn’t go forward and then immediately after the election undid all those things. it’s super shit.

  12. Losing a game of Monopoly? Don’t just walk away! Flip the board, tear up the properties, keep the dice, and burn down the house. If you can’t win, make sure nobody else does either! Sure, the other players are your friends and family, but screw them, right?

  13. The right loves to tout the idea that when tyranny shows up that good guys with guns can save the day. Well here it is good guys, tyrants nakedly stealing and solidifying their power over a state in our Union. Are any of you thinking of showing up to defend liberty? Or is this coup going to be allowed to proceed?

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